Another week has gone by and its time for me to summarize this week’s posts for those who have missed out. Links are provided to each one for curiosity.

Last week, I only did Card Wars. But I finally did different posts for this week. Two of them highlighted some popular bonus categories and two others were card reviews.


Best Cards for Dining

I started the week by highlighting some of my favorite cards for dining out. Restaurants are some of the best places to earn rewards of all sorts. It all depends on what you want to earn. All three of the major transferrable points as well as cash back can be earned at restaurants with the right card.


Best Cards for Grocery Stores

On Tuesday, I looked at some great cards for groceries (and by extension, dining in). American Express dominates this popular category, making for a Membership Rewards (MR) points bonanza. However, there are cash back cards that are great alternatives for those who don’t want or like MR points.


Review: Barclaycard Arrival +

I reviewed Barclays’ flagship travel card on Thursday only to find that it’s a dud after the first year. The Arrival + is known for its huge sign-up bonus and high flat rate earning structure. But it doesn’t have many redemption options or perks that make it worth keeping long term.


Review: Marriott Bonvoy Business Card

After being reminded that Marriott is raising their business card’s annual fee to $125, I was compelled to do a review of it. I was surprised to find out how strong its earning structure is compared to its personal counterparts. This is because of its multiple 4x categories that not even the Brilliant Card has.

If you want a Marriott Bonvoy card and are not satisfied with their personal options, this card is a nice alternative.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!