Another week has gone by and it is time to summarize this week’s posts for those who missed out. Links are provided for curiosity.

This second week of March was a productive one for PYCR. I published four posts: two of which were Card Wards posts, one was an “Explanations” posts, and the last was a news post.

Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:


Card Wars: American Express Business Credit Cards

This week’s first post was from Tuesday. And it compared three American Express Business credit cards. The Business Platinum Card, Business Gold Card, and Blue Business Plus Card were the focus of this post. All three cards are meant for different businesses, depending on their spending habits and travel needs.

The Business Platinum Card is great for perks. But it’s a terrible option for most business expenses. Plus, it has an expensive sign-up bonus and a very high annual fee.

Conversely, the Business Gold Card is best for common business expenses. It comes with a decent sign-up bonus, high category multipliers, and your choice of two 4x categories. But it does not have the perks of the Business Platinum and it has a higher annual fee than most competitors.

And the Blue Business Plus is one of the best flat rate cards in the industry! It has no annual fee, a very general spend multiplier, and it comes with the ability to transfer points to Amex’s transfer partners. It’s best for smaller businesses and businesses with uneven cash flow. Plus, it’s great for entrepreneurs and businesses with expenses outside of the Business Gold Card’s categories.


Travel Insurances

Wednesday’s post focused on travel insurances, particularly those that come as benefits on certain travel credit cards. Several Chase and American Express cards provide Trip Delay, Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, and Baggage Delay Insurances. These policies are great for travelers who have snags in plans or must cancel their trips unexpectedly.

Special thanks to reader John who commented on another post asking about travel insurances. His comment served as inspiration for this post.


Card Wars: Citi’s Top Two Travel Credit Cards

Thursday’s post compared Citi’s top two travel credit cards: the Premier and the Prestige. Both cards are meant for different types of travelers. However, more people are better off with the Citi Premier. That’s because of its more universal earning structure, relatively better sign-up bonus, and lower annual fee.

Unfortunately, both cards were mired by the 2019 Citi devaluation. Neither card has any substantial travel insurances or perks. The Prestige still has a $250 General Travel Credit, the Fourth Night Free perk, and a Global Entry / Pre-TSA fee waiver credit. That’s nice, but there are many other premium cards with those perks (or better).


Chase Freedom 2nd Quarter Categories Revealed

Finally, the Chase Freedom 2nd Quarter Categories were revealed on Friday the 13th. Luckily, the categories are Grocery Stores as well as Gym Memberships & Health Club expenses. Grocery Stores has been the Chase Freedom second quarter primary category for the last several years. And its one of the most common daily expenses for most people.

However, I was surprised to see Gym Memberships & Health Club expenses as the secondary category. This came out of left field for me. The World of Hyatt Card is the only other credit card with a consistent category like this one.

Special thanks to everyone who read and shared this post! It became one of PYCR’s five most read posts since I started writing for Travel Update!


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!