Another week has gone by and it is time to summarize this week’s posts for those who missed out. Links are provided for curiosity.

The final week of February 2020 was the greatest week in the history of PYCR (so far)! I published two of the three most popular posts to date! Special thanks to everyone who read and commented on this week’s posts.

Furthermore, this week’s two highly viewed posts had to do with the popular Chase Sapphire Reserve. And the third post was a Card Wars post that compared three great 5% rotating category cards.

Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:


Six Reasons Why You Should Not Get the Chase Sapphire Reserve

Monday’s post discussed six reasons why you should not get the Chase Sapphire Reserve. And it became my most popular post to date within 36 hours of publishing! I was inspired by my own experiences with the Chase Sapphire Reserve as well as the recent changes to that card. I am thinking of downgrading my Sapphire Reserve back to the Sapphire Preferred and this post partially illustrates why.

Moreover, this post shows that the Chase Sapphire Reserve is not perfect, despite its popularity. It’s a great premium card, but it does not work for certain travelers, especially those who are better off with a few mid-tier cards instead.


The Chase Sapphire Reserve Brought Back Return Protection

The day after I published the flourishing “Six Reasons” post, I found out that the Chase Sapphire Reserve brought back Return Protection. Chase ridded all its cards of this perk in 2018. And I think they brought it back to their flagship card (and the discontinued Ritz-Carlton credit card) to better compete with American Express.

Furthermore, this post provides details on how to start a claim and some analysis on why else I think Chase brought this perk back.


Card Wars: 5% Rotating Category Cards

Thursday’s post compared three of the best 5% rotating category cards in the industry. The Chase Freedom, Discover It, and US Bank Cash + are great cards for rewards. But they earn different types of rewards depending on if you want to travel or earn cash back.

All cards featured in this post have no annual fee. But they also have no substantial benefits for travelers. Therefore, they reside in Tier II.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!