Another week has gone by and its time for me to summarize this week’s posts for those who have missed out. Links are provided to each one for curiosity. After a few explosive weeks, this one was quieter. I only posted three posts and they all focused on cash back in some way. Cash back is nice for travelers because it lets you pay for expenses that cannot be paid for with transferrable points. It’s also great for investing.

Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:


Best Cards For Gas Stations

This post highlighted some of my favorites for use at gas stations. Gas Stations are a common bonus category for transferrable points, making for great earning opportunities for travelers. Chase, American Express, and Citi cards are mentioned.

Cash back lovers also have options for gas because its such a common bonus category. Therefore, I also mention a few cash back cards that could earn you money.


Review: Bank of America Cash Rewards Card

The Bank of America Cash Rewards Card is an underrated option for travelers and a favorite for cash back lovers. It has a sign-up bonus worth $200 and some great earning opportunities. However, it lacks travel perks, making it a better domestic-use card.

This card also is eligible for extra earnings from the Bank of America Preferred Rewards Program. All you need is a bank account from Bank of America or Merrill Lynch. Regular members will receive 10% more cash back for every purchase, including bonus categories. Furthermore, that percentage will increase if you have at least $20,000 in your account(s).

The Cash Rewards Card also comes in a special Susan G. Komen edition. This special edition lets you donate a small portion of purchases made on the card to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. You can get this version to save money and donate to a special cause.


Review: Citi Costco Anywhere Card

The Citi Costco Anywhere Card is a great option for cash back enthusiasts who shop at Costco. However, there are much better alternatives for travelers. This card came into existence after Costco stopped accepting American Express cards and switched networks to Visa. Costco also partnered with Citi to create a new co-branded Visa card. This card was their solution.

Because Costco accepts Visa, you can use any Visa card you want. Costco does not limit acceptance to just their co-branded card. For travelers, any card in the Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) “ecosystem” is better than the Costco Anywhere Card.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!