Another week has gone by and it is time for me to summarize this week’s posts for those who have missed out. Links are provided to each one for curiosity.

Last week was crazy in the points and miles world thanks to Chase announcing some changes to the Sapphire Reserve. Two of last week’s posts them discuss these changes, which were rumors when the posts were first published. However, they have since been updated to reflect the confirmed changes.

Furthermore, I also posted a roundup of American Express-related reminders for the new year. And I re-published two old “Card Wars” posts in light of the Sapphire Reserve changes.

Without further ado, here’s the weekly review:


New Year, New American Express Reminders

Monday’s post discussed each of the American Express cards and different reminders about them that were reset on January 1. These “reset” reminders included annual spending thresholds, usage of perks, and credits.


Chase Is Adding Door Dash Benefits to Their Personal Cards

Tuesday’s first post was a precursor to Chase making changes to the Sapphire Reserve. When I first wrote this post, I thought that Chase was only adding some Door Dash benefits to their four personal cards. This was true until Chase dropped the bomb late on Tuesday.

Nonetheless, this post discussed the Door Dash benefits in detail for the two Sapphire and two Freedom cards.


Chase Rumored to Make Changes to the Sapphire Reserve

This post was one of my most viewed in a while, despite the sad news. Chase went from making rumors about these changes to implementing them today.

To recap, Chase increased the annual fee on the Sapphire Reserve to $550 for prospective cardholders and current cardholders whose annual fee comes after April 2019. Furthermore, Chase added a $60 Door Dash credit for the next two years, Door Dash Dash Pass, and Lyft Pink membership. Your mileage may vary with these perks, but many people find that they will not use them.

Furthermore, some people say that Chase “pulled an American Express” on their cardholders. These people believe that Chase raised the annual fee on the Reserve without justifying the fee. I personally agree with this notion since I would not use any of the new perks. Therefore, I intend to downgrade to the Sapphire Preferred when my annual fee comes due.


Card Wars: Premium Credit Cards

Wednesday’s post might look familiar to readers who have been following my corner since the beginning. Card Wars: Premium Credit Cards is a post that compares multiple credit cards in various categories. I stopped writing these types of posts in the middle of 2019 because they were not very popular. However, I received a request from reader _________ to compare the Sapphire Reserve and other premium cards. Special thanks for that request!

Nonetheless, this post compares the Chase Sapphire Reserve to the Citi Prestige and the Amex Platinum Card. The premium card market niche has changed since January 2019, when this post was first published.


Card Wars: Mid-Tier Credit Cards

Friday’s post was sort of a follow up to the previous one. I wrote another “Card Wars” post last year that compared mid-tier credit cards. Therefore, I decided to revamp this post and add the American Express Green Card into the mix.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday and happy holidays this coming week! Stay posted for more content next week!