Another week has gone by and it is time to summarize this week’s posts for those who missed out. Links are provided for curiosity.

I wrote four posts this week. Three of them compared credit cards for different situations and the fourth one was a news post.


The End of An Era…

Before I review this week’s posts, I am announcing that the April 12 edition of the PYCR Weekly Review will be the last one I write. Unfortunately, not many people are reading or commenting on these posts. Therefore, I have little reason to continue writing them.

However, I will be switching to a Monthly Review format at the end of every month. Starting around April 30, 2020, I will write a monthly review that highlights the best posts of the last month.

In case anyone is wondering, I am NOT leaving Travel Update. Nor do I have any intentions to do so. Rather, I am replacing an unpopular post format with a potentially better one. This is my way of ensuring that I continue to provide quality content.

Without further ado, here’s the final weekly review:


Weekly Review

Best Credit Cards for Beginners

Tuesday’s post compared credit cards for beginners, students, and those who are rebuilding their credit. Every card featured in this post has no annual fee, easier underwriting (approval) standards, and excellent rewards. These are all hallmarks of a Tier II credit card in my Five Tiers.

Furthermore, selecting any of these cards could help you collect points within a transferrable points ecosystem of your choice. This can lead you into earn points and miles for free or discounted travel if you want.

Best Credit Cards for Dining

Wednesday’s first post looked at some of the best credit cards for dining. Fortunately, ordering to-go food and food delivery services count as dining purchases. This is a huge positive because you can still earn tons of rewards even in these strange times.

Dining is one of the most common and popular credit card bonus categories. Most issuers have at least one credit card that earns extra points, miles, or cash back, on such expenses. That means you can essentially pick what type of points, miles, or cash back you want to earn. This post features at least one card that earns each type of rewards.

Changes Are Coming to the Citi Premier in August 2020

Furthermore, Wednesday’s second post concerned some changes that are coming to the Citi Premier Card in August 2020. Unfortunately, most of these changes are for the worse as Citi devalued their best travel credit card in multiple ways.

The Premier is currently known for its 3x category in General Travel and Gas. But Citi is doing away with this category in favor of a plethora of common travel sub-categories. After August 23, 2020, the Premier will earn 3x points on Air Travel, Dining, Gas, Grocery, and Hotel expenses. All other purchases will earn just one point per dollar.

Citi is also removing the 2x on Entertainment category and devaluing a popular redemption option. Plus, they are adding a “perk” that is actually a sneaky way for Citi to make money.

Comparing the Best Mid-Tier Credit Cards

On Friday, I compared some of the best mid-tier credit cards. These credit cards are great entry points for those who want to earn points and miles for travel. Most mid-tier cards have annual fees around $95, excellent sign-up bonuses, lucrative earning structures, and some nice perks. These are all hallmarks of a Tier III credit card in my Five Tiers.

Furthermore, mid-tier credit cards might be decent downgrade options for certain premium credit cards. This is especially true for those who want to save on annual fees and have a nice earning structure to back up on.


I hope that everyone has a great Sunday! Stay posted for more content next week!