As of September 22, 2019, the Citi Double Cash Card earns Thank You (TY) points. This puts it along the ranks of the Citi Prestige, Premier, and Rewards +. Therefore, I am going to dedicate this post to introducing the Citi Trifecta.

The Citi Trifecta is a brand-new alternative to the Chase Trifecta (or Quartet or Quintet?) and the Amex Trifecta. The trifecta consists of three cards that earn Citi TY points (not including the Rewards + Student Card). At least one of these cards is a premium card which has access to Citi’s transfer partners. This is important for getting the most value out of TY points.


Thank You Cards Overview

This section quickly highlights each card that can be used in a possible trifecta.

Citi Prestige

The Citi Prestige earns 5x TY points on Dining and Airfare (booked directly with the airline). It also earns 3x on Hotels and Cruises (booked directly).

Furthermore, the Prestige comes with a sign-up bonus worth 50,000 points. New cardholders must spend $4,000 within the first three months to earn the bonus.

The Prestige comes with a $250 general travel credit and the famous Fourth Night Free benefit. These can be enough to save some travelers thousands of dollars. However, those who want more perks should look at another premium card.

Citi Premier

Until August 23, 2020, the Citi Premier will earn 3x TY points on General Travel and 2x points on Dining and Entertainment. Citi includes gas stations, airfare, hotels, travel agencies, tolls, railways, and public transportation in their general travel category.

Thereafter, the Premier will earn 3x TY points on Air Travel, Dining, Gas, Grocery, and Hotel expenses. It will also earn one point per dollar on non-bonus spend.

Moreover, the Premier comes with a sign-up bonus worth 60,000 points. New cardholders must spend $4,000 within the first three months to earn the bonus. This is Citi’s largest sign-up bonus. Therefore, between the bonus and the earning structure, it might be a great addition to your trifecta.

Citi Rewards +

The Citi Rewards + has a unique earning structure. It earns 2x TY points at Grocery Stores and Gas Stations. But Citi also rounds up the amount of points earned to the nearest 10 for all purchases. This is fantastic for small purchases. For example, if you spend $1 at a convenience store, you will receive 10 points.

Furthermore, the Rewards + card comes with a sign-up bonus worth 15,000 points. The bonus can be earned after spending just $1,000 in the first 3 months.

Citi Double Cash

Finally, the Citi Double Cash is the newcomer of the bunch. It earns a flat 2x TY points for all purchases, making it a great “workhorse” card. However, it comes with no sign-up bonus.


Two Suggested Combinations

You can now select three cards based on your travel plans, current card lineup, and budget. However, some people might want just two cards. Your mileage may vary, and you can get as many or as few as you want. Three is a nice number for most transferrable points issuers and that served as the inspiration behind this post.

Here are two of my favorite combinations:

Premier – Rewards + – Double Cash

This would be my combination of choice for most travelers (myself included). While I don’t personally have any Citi cards, these three would be the ones I focus on first. But why?

Until August 23, 2020, the Premier has a “general travel” category with a nice multiplier. This category is like a “catch-all” for travel purchases like that of the Chase Sapphire Reserve. More people can get more points and more travel purchases with the Premier. Thereafter, the Premier becomes a less expensive version of the Citi Prestige with its several 3x bonus categories.

Furthermore, the rounding rule of the Rewards + makes it great for small purchases. Also, the Rewards + has no annual fee, making it a great keeper card for your credit history.

The Double Cash earns 2x on all other purchases, which is one of the highest flat-rate cards on the market that earns points and miles. Altogether, the three cards have a $95 annual fee, which is the lowest possible for any trifecta combination.

Prestige – Rewards + – Double Cash

This super trifecta is my favorite for major Citi fans. Its three cards will let you earn more points on common travel expenses and give you a few benefits to boot.

The benefits and elevated points come from the Prestige. Those who spend heavily in airfare, hotels, cruises, and dining out will earn a ton of points. Furthermore, the Prestige comes with two benefits that can help justify its $495 annual fee.

Plus, the rounding rule of the Rewards + makes it great for small purchases. Also, the Rewards + has no annual fee, making it a great keeper card for your credit history.

However, this trifecta is the most expensive possible combination. You will be paying a total of $495 for the trifecta every year. You also will not be getting any travel insurances with the Prestige, making it a poor option for booking airfare in case something goes wrong.


Final Draw

The Citi Trifecta is a new concept based on the trifectas from Chase and American Express. Citi now has enough cards to mix and match with so you can collect Thank You Points.

Unfortunately, Citi does not currently have any business cards that earn Thank You points. All they have are co-branded business cards with American Airlines and Costco. A business card would add some spice to their lineup and give more options for consumers (and business owners) for creating their Citi Trifecta. American Express and Chase have them and they are great products (for the most part).