Last chance, Hyatt 30% bonus is available for purchases made until February 22, 2019. Hyatt’s latest points purchase promotion is underwhelming at first glance, but its not often that Hyatt lets you purchase under 10K points with a bonus, so this promotion maybe handy for members looking for a quick top-up towards their next stay.


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The usual 40% bonus promotions require a minimum purchase of 10,000 points to get the bonus. However, the current 30% bonus kicks in with a minimum purchase of 5000 points. This can be handy for customers looking to top-up their accounts by <10,000 points. If you are in the market for more than 10K points, I would hold off for the 40% bonus to return. Note that the yearly limit on purchased points per account is 55,000.

With a 30% bonus, buying 5K points for $120 USD yields a total of  6500 points, at 1.85 cpp.


Hyatt 30% bonus



Hyatt 30% bonus is decent enough to top up accounts that need under 10K to meet your next stay requirement. Especially, if you want to redeem at lower category properties, there are some hidden gems in Cat 1-3 groups – Here are a couple of good resources, mind you some categories have changed in recent past, but still great value;


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