The most recent episode of the Netflix show ‘Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj’, ‘The Real Cost of Cruises‘ showcases everything that is wrong with the cruise industry. The show ropes viewers in by highlighting the growing popularity of cruises and then shocks them into submission with well-researched facts about the darkest secrets about the cruise industry. Personally, I don’t care for a cruise and the episode does nothing but reinforce my disdain for cruise vacations. Obviously, my ‘disdain’ is based on non-woke, not well-researched, personal preferences. So here are some of my non-woke reasons to never step foot on a cruise ship;

Cruise Vacations – I don’t give a damn; a ‘non-woke’ version

  • My idea of an ideal vacation is ‘fewer people, more nature’: A cruise is an antithesis to that idea. If I wanted to be stuck in a crowd of unknown people, with tacky decor and mediocre food, I would throw me another wedding reception party (brown wedding problems).
  • I don’t like lining up: That includes rides, attractions, getting on/off an island.
  • All-inclusive? Count me out: I don’t want your mass produced, one-size-fits-“all-inclusive” experiences. Same reason why I don’t like every chain hotel experience that looks and feels the same.
  • It’s not you, its me: I get sea-sick easily. Vomiting my way across islands is not a vacation, I rather pop gravol and go on a 2 hour whale watching excursion (I actually do).

Hasan Minhaj just ruined Cruise trips – Do you give a damn?

Although the facts on the show are hard to deny, am sure many viewers who are fans of cruise vacations would do their best to justify their preference. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to be made aware that their choices are bad. This one just happens to align with my personal preference. It is also not lost on me that the show was about the cruise companies and not the consumers, but it also begs the good ol’ question – Now that you know, would you change your mind?

As for me, I couldn’t give a damn for cruise vacations and now I have a false sense of #winning to lean on. Thanks Hasan!


Title Image Source: Disney