Its back! The best hotel deal in Vancouver, Canada. Book via beVancouver and earn up to $150 in Amex Prepaid Gift Cards, which can be applied towards the hotel stay!! beVancouver Amex Gift Card offer is one of the best deals for hotel stays.

beVancouver Amex Gift Card Offer

The promotion is available for check-ins until Dec 31, 2017.

Its really simple – beVancouver has partnered with Amex to offer an independent hotel booking, where you can pick from several hotels in Vancouver. For every stay booked via beVancouver website, you can earn up to $125 in Amex Gift Credit Card, and an additional $50 for subsequent nights. The $150 in Amex Gift Cards can be applied towards the hotel stay during checkout. The key is to find a hotel where the difference after applying the gift card is minimal or none! Gift Cards can also be used to cover hotel costs, on-site restaurants, room service, spas, amenities, etc. or at surrounding restaurants and shops. A great deal!

Previous iterations of this promotion were a lot more generous, where I managed a week in Vancouver hotels without a penny out of pocket towards the stay 😉 . However, those loopholes have now been closed. But this promotion still represents great value.

Promotion Details

  • Check-in must be between October 30 2017 and December 31 2017
  • Bookings can be made using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express
  • This promotion is non-cancellable and non-transferrable
  • All bookings will be made in CAD and any other currency displayed is a representative value
  • Guests will receive their $50, $75, $100, or $125 AMEX Prepaid Gift Card per booking
  • Guests will receive an additional $50 AMEX Prepaid Gift Card for every additional night after the first night
  • Separate consecutive bookings at the same hotel will not result in the guest receiving more than one $50, $75, $100, or $125 AMEX Prepaid Gift Card
  • A Maximum of 3 bookings per person is enforced – all subsequent bookings will be converted into normal Best Available Rate bookings (and will apply the corresponding Terms and Conditions) and the guest will not receive an AMEX Prepaid Gift Card
  • AMEX Pre-Paid Gift Cards must be used within 3 months of receiving them

Examples of some decent deals

Depending on the dates you search for, there are some great deals to be had. Its not difficult to get a 50%-off in value from the hotel options listed in beVancouver. Note, you may or may not earn stay credits towards the loyalty program through this booking. In the past, it has worked with some brands better than others, in my experience.

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Take Away

Vancouver is world class and one of my favorite Canadian cities. A hot bed for tourists, this promotion is a great way to save the $$ from hotel bookings, and use towards other eclectic experiences.

Are you planning a visit to Vancouver, would you take advantage of this promotion? Share with a comment below!