American Airlines 77W Involved in Equipment Fire on Ramp at Hong Kong International Airport

Updated: Includes information made available by The Associated Press

Pictures and video of an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER in flames are surfacing this morning after equipment used for loading cargo onto the aircraft caught fire. The aircraft, N727AN, was scheduled to depart Hong Kong at 6:10 PM local time, bound for Los Angeles International Airport. American Airlines flight AA192 was set to board within the next few minutes when smoke was spotted coming from behind the engines. The flight was canceled to inspect the aircraft following the fire.

(Image: ChinaAvReview)

(Image: ChinaAvReview)

The images above show the fire near the aircraft’s cargo hold. It’s important to note that the fire did not originate on board the aircraft. The AP is now reporting that a piece of ground equipment used to load cargo onto aircraft caught fire.  Martha Thomas, a spokeswoman for the airline, told The Associated Press;

The cargo it contained was “non-hazardous,” Thomas said, without providing details. She added that the airline was looking into the cause of the mechanical issue that triggered the fire. -Per The Associated Press

The fire was quickly extinguished and damage to the aircraft appears to be minimal. However, as noted, American Airlines flight 192 was canceled for further inspection. The operator of the cargo equipment was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

(Image: jeremy_1111z on Twitter)

(Image: jeremy_1111z on Twitter)

Video: American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Involved in Fire at Hong Kong International Airport

Thankfully it appears there were only minor injuries, none of which were from passengers onboard. Moreso, the aircraft seems to be in perfect condition. Passengers were re-accommodated on other Oneworld airlines and later flights through Dallas and Los Angeles.

I will continue to monitor this story throughout the day as more information becomes available.