Back in April this year, FlyerTalk users started reporting the death of the Canadian Alaska Airlines credit card  super churn. Apparently, Alaska airline was now implementing the one card per account rule. I didn’t make much of it (in fact, forgot about it) since I had applied for 4 Alaska cards and enjoyed the 100K miles recently. Well, now I definitely know – its dead.

Alaska Airlines Credit Card

Benefits, quick glance (Canadian version):



Alaska airlines allowed a person to hold multiple cards and enjoy the 25K bonus miles with each. With generous routing rules, this was my favorite loyalty program to redeem luxury air travel. However, I applied for a new card yesterday and was declined right away by the system. A quick call to the credit department at MBNA (issuer of the card) confirmed that it was indeed because of the new Alaska Airlines rule. Since I already have multiple cards with MBNA, this attempt was a soft inquiry and does not hurt my credit score or history. MBNA was also able to confirm that I could cancel my current cards, wait for 90 days and submit a new application to re-qualify for a new card with 25K bonus. Obviously, this is not nearly as exciting as getting a 100K miles in a span of few days 😉

MBNA Alaska Card app

Final Thoughts

It was great while it lasted. With a specific use in mind, having one card and a companion fare code still holds decent value. However, accumulating a balance for Business or First class redemption with multiple Alaska credit cards is not possible anymore. Alaska sells miles with 40%-50% bonuses several times a year, I could use those to bulk my account balance for next redemption. My favorite resource for using Alaska miles is here.

Did you recently apply for this card? Share your experience with a comment below.